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I can't believe it's June already! This year is flying past and it seems like everyone I know has been super busy! Over the last few months I've started getting used to the cooperative studio space that I have been renting and I'd like to share a few of my favorite portraits that have been created there! I'm now offering mini studio sessions on demand, so contact me today if you'd like to get on the schedule!

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Trezelle and I first met at Heartspace Midwifery‘s weekly parent-child community group; she was very pregnant and my son was 8 months old. The first thing I noticed about her was how stunningly beautiful she was and in what a poised manner she carried herself at 9 months pregnant. This was in stark contrast to myself, who was happy to get a shower and brushed teeth every day! I next saw her again several months later when I made head shots for the students of Doula Trainings International, where she had just finished an intense doula certification program. Now her postpartum doula business is about to commence, along with several other entreprenurial endeavors that she is embarking on, so it was time for us to make some kick-ass professional portraits! Trezelle told me that it is important to her that the city of Albany be part of her brand’s image since that is her target market, so we worked all the favorite spots downtown: the Capitol building, Education building, and the Empire State Plaza. I am so proud of this woman and her growing business and I am so grateful that she asked me to help create her brand’s images!

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