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Tyler and his family have been my clients for a few years now, but this session was special because it was just Tyler! He is finally a high school senior and I am so proud of him! Tyler attends Hudson High School and is enrolled in several AP courses, which I highly commend him on. He intends to enroll in Hudson Valley Community College next year while he narrows down his choices for a future career, but he is interested in art and wants to pursue video game design. As a gamer myself, I truly hope that Tyler is able to follow his passion and I look forward to seeing what he will create in the future!

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Kali is my niece and I was super excited to make senior portraits for her, especially since she lives in Buffalo and we don’t get to see each other very often. When I asked Kali what type of portraits she wanted to make, she was really specific about her desire to include some water. I brainstormed a little bit and decided that Peebles Island was the best place for us to go, even though I had never been down the trails enough to get to the waterfall area. Kali was up for the adventure so after taking a few gorgeous shots in her dress, she switched outfits, threw on some sneakers, and we went for a little hike to explore the island together. I was hoping we might see some wildlife, since I’ve often seen deer when visiting Peebles before, but we were only fortunate enough to see two garter snakes. Not very exciting!

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