When planning for Aubrey's senior portrait session, her mom let me know that she wanted some help with posing. This is a really common concern, especially for someone who is creating portraits that are intended to represent a major life event like high school graduation! You want to look your best in these portraits which are *hopefully* going to be around for a long time!

Knowing this about Aubrey enabled me to do a little extra prep work before heading into our session. I had previously asked Aubrey's mom to send me a photo of her so I could get an idea of her body type. I came to our shoot prepared with some printed examples of posing possibilities that I thought would work great for Aubrey in our setting of Yaddo Gardens. I used those images and my own body to help guide Aubrey into flattering positions. Then I showed her a few images in the beginning so she could see how beautiful she is and relax!

We also talked for a bit before we started shooting. Aubrey shared with me some of her ideas for the shoot as well as some of her insecurities and how she feels she looks the best. Using this information I was able to work with her to make sure she felt natural and comfortable while looking her best!

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