It is truly one of the biggest compliments a photographer can receive to be asked to photograph a family more than once. That's why my heart swelled with joy when Jana contacted me to inquire about photographing her family.

Jana and Jon were my very first all-by-myself wedding clients ever! I will never forget the day they got married, because it was pouring rain all day long and their wedding was outside under a tent. We all made the most of it though and everyone had a great time.

We met at the Crossings and I was super excited because I would get to meet Jana and Jon's son, Alexander, who turned one year old on the day we were shooting! It was made extra special by both sets of grandparents joining us for the session. The weather was not great in the morning and I thought we might have a repeat of their wedding day, but thankfully it all cleared up and the sky cooperated. I love these photos and I feel honored to have been asked to be part of yet another special day for the Muniz-Lewis family!

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