Imagine this - you have a young son who just turned a year old. You want to have professional family portraits to share with family and friends, but you have no clue what you want the theme, setting, or location to be. The situation needs to be suitable for a one-year-old so that he is safe, happy, and entertained long enough to get photos without a major meltdown happening.

That was the situation for the Moran family - Jesse, Nancy, and little Hunter - when they contacted me to schedule a portrait session. It may seem overwhelming for clients to feel like you need to make all of those big decisions, but if you are looking for help and direction, the best thing to do is let your photographer make some suggestions!

As professional photographers, we've been around to many local spots and have great mental maps stored away to pull ideas from. As a creative, I personally love it when my clients look to me for suggestions, because then we really come together as a cohesive unit to create their portraits collaboratively. Having a 1.5-year-old myself and knowing their needs firsthand, I suggested that we shoot on a Sunday morning at Indian Ladder Farms. I knew that would be a quieter time of day, there would be some shaded areas, and there would be plenty of animals and scenery to keep Hunter occupied. We ended up having a really great session and Hunter was perfect the entire time!

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