Have you ever tried to get photos of a multi-generational family group who all have a different set of needs? It can be difficult to get everyone looking like they are on the same wavelength and happy. 

This was the situation with one of my favorite repeat clients. I have photographed all of these people together before, but the needs of the group have changed quite a bit! The last time they were all together for me was at little Henry's baptism! Jane's camp in Grafton was a beautiful location, but presented with some challenges that we had to work out. Great Henry has trouble getting around now, Ozzie and little Henry are older now and wanted to run about the place, and the heatwave and sunshine were creeping up quickly.

The solution? Scaffolding our setups to make sure that everyone was having their needs met and looking their best. This took a lot of help from Victoria, and I can't thank her enough for the forethought she put into everyone's outfits and getting the whole family organized. We began with the formal large group shots. This ensured that Great Henry could be seated and not have to move around a lot, as well as keeping people out of the sun. The locations, family groupings, and outfits got progressively less formal as we went on, finally culminating with the boys having some free time to fish and swim time in the lake!

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