When Dina contacted me she was looking for someone to photograph her extended family in Great Barrington. They were all going to be together in the same place, which doesn't happen very often, and she wanted to make sure that they seized the opportunity to capture their time together in portraits.

One of the major concerns she had was how to make sure that we created images of all the different groupings of family members who were present. How many times have you been at a family gathering and realized that you missed an opportunity to get a photo of yourself with your grandparent? How many people are always the "picture taker" and end up missing out on actually being in the photos with your family?

The solution was simple. Dina and her family created a list for me of all the different groups of people who should be in photos together. This is something that I always ask my clients to do for wedding photography and it made perfect sense to bring the task over to this large family portrait session. Since we had an organized list we had no trouble at all moving from one shot set to the next without worrying about missing someone, and it was no big deal to add in other shots that we thought of as we went along! 

Creating a list allowed us to plan high priority images in the very beginning while the kids were most likely to behave. We also made sure to list all of the images with Dina's son, Hunter, in the very beginning because he is Autistic and we wanted to honor his needs by letting him be finished first so he could have his chocolate pudding in peace and not be bothered by my camera. ;-)

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