Amy and Eric contacted me after being pressured by one of their bridesmaids (who is my hair stylist) to hire a professional photographer for their wedding instead of just having friends do it and I am SO GLAD that they listened to her! These two are definitely my kind of people and my life is richer for having been introduced to them. 

The wedding took place at Pat's Barn in Rensselaer. I'd never been there before but I'd been dying to work there and I was not disappointed! It is a beautiful hidden gem tucked in the Tech Park and every inch of the place is gorgeous. 

The weather was perfect and the couple looked amazing. They were super easy to work with because they were completely in love and so excited to be marrying each other! My directions to them were basically "stand here and enjoy each other's company" and they rocked it! I also feel I need to give a special mention to Amy's father who was very ill the morning of the wedding, but rallied, pulled it together, and was able to walk his daughter down the aisle with a smile on his face. That is one amazing dad! ♥

Stephanie - thanks for putting me in touch with this couple!
Amy and Eric - I wish you two eternal friendship with one another and lots of drinks at Footsy Magoo's! 

Venue | Pat's Barn
Makeup | Meghan Kearns
Hair | Karma Hair Studio | Stephanie Mastroianni
Catering | Nicole's Special Events and Catering
Cake | Bella Napoli

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