I'll be the weeping willow drowning in my tears
And you can go swimming when you're here
And I'll be the rainbow after the tears are gone
Wrap you in my colors and keep you warm

- Otis Redding, "That's How Strong My Love Is"

When we are open and receptive to the love that the universe has to offer, our lives can become glorious things. We find peace and harmony within ourselves and begin to radiate that energy out into the world. Love brings beautiful people into our realities and teaches us why we are in existence. 

Emily and Emily are the living embodiment of love. When in their company it is impossible to doubt that at the very core of their beings these two strengthen each other and shine light and love to all those in their presence. They are two elements that have formed an inseparable bond.

From my perspective, I knew within minutes of meeting these women that we were going to be a good match for each other. They had an easy way about them and it was clear that they were my kind of people. They shared with me at our initial meeting that they were already legally married, so their wedding was to be a larger extension of their celebration of love. 

As a photographer, I can honestly say that their wedding was a new experience for me. I am typically so focused on creating and capturing images that I sort of tune out and funnel my attention through my viewfinder. However, through the vibrations of everyone present on the mountain I felt as though I was actually a guest, participating in the celebration and union. The moment I realized this was during the ceremony when Chantilly and Kristen were leading a participatory song and the entire group of guests joined in singing "There is no fear in your love. There is no shame in your light. Only the laughter of God, shaking the dead back to life." I literally had chills.

I was also blown away by how incredibly easy it was for me to create portraits with these women! Again, I somehow found myself working with another couple who needed very little direction. "Stand there and show me that you love each other" was the majority of the instructions that they needed! I loved that they brought their sweet little dogs, Matilda and Hudson, for the beginning part of the day. I also appreciated how brave they were and willing to do some adventurous things in order to let me create some unique portraits for them. Emily and Emily, thank you for choosing me to be your wedding photographer! It was one that I will never forget!

Wedding Planner | On the Go Concierge | Donna Connor
Venue | John Boyd Thacher State Park
Hair | Karma Hair Studio | Audrey
Ceremony Music | Kristen Leigh
DJ | Nick Palazeke
Caterer | Slidin' Dirty

Dessert | Cider Belly
Dance Instructor | Natalia O'Connor
Rentals | Mr. Mark's Tents
Second Photographer | Jay Zhang

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