It never gets old or tiring for me to photograph the same family repeatedly, especially when it means that I get to watch their children and their family grow with each visit. The Willis family is expecting their third child in just a few short weeks, so we got together to document one of their last moments together as a family of four! I've been photographing Adelaide and Frederick their whole lives and I love the beautiful little people they are becoming. Adelaide is polite and sweet, and Frederick has a great sense of humor.

It's a challenge to schedule portraits in March in upstate New York, because we never know what the weather will bring. Of course we hit a snag and had planned to shoot outside, but on Thursday I realized the forecast for the weekend was bleak and dreary. After a quick brainstorming session to try to figure out an alternate location, I reached out to Dan and Jen, owners of The Venue in Cohoes, and they graciously allowed us the use of their space so that we would not get soaked or sick in the cold rain.

The Venue isn't a location that I would ordinarily think of when planning a family portrait session, but it ended up being amazing! Beth and Pete were open to trying it out and were willing to create some portraits in a non-traditional location. And I have to say, I am really pleased with the results! This experience has opened my eyes to the possibility of bringing families to locations that I would normally think about only for wedding clients.

Here are some of my favorite images from this maternity and family portrait session. Check back in a few weeks to meet the new little baby! (And scroll down to see some of my favorite "outtakes" from this session!)

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The Willises do not yet know the sex of their new baby, so they have split into teams! Team Blue is Beth and Frederick. Team Pink is Pete and Adelaide! Just for the record, I'm on Team Blue and I think they are having a boy. ;-)

Each year near their birthdays Adelaide and Frederick take a portrait with their special item to show how much they've grown. Adelaide has a yellow scarf and Frederick has a tie. Since the sex of the new baby is currently unknown, Beth didn't know which item to use for the growth portraits yet, so we took photos with both!

I love these next two. I told Beth and Pete to go have some alone time on the stairs and pretend like their children weren't peeking around the corner (which they were).

And here are some of my favorite outtakes from the session, because let's be honest, this is what life with kids is really like! Frederick photobombing the Team Pink portrait and both kids photobombing a portrait that was supposed to be just their parents!