Kali is my niece and I was super excited to make senior portraits for her, especially since she lives in Buffalo and we don’t get to see each other very often. When I asked Kali what type of portraits she wanted to make, she was really specific about her desire to include some water. I brainstormed a little bit and decided that Peebles Island was the best place for us to go, even though I had never been down the trails enough to get to the waterfall area. Kali was up for the adventure so after taking a few gorgeous shots in her dress, she switched outfits, threw on some sneakers, and we went for a little hike to explore the island together. I was hoping we might see some wildlife, since I’ve often seen deer when visiting Peebles before, but we were only fortunate enough to see two garter snakes. Not very exciting!

This was a really special time for me, because I have never really been given the opportunity to hang out with Kali alone before and it provided us with some time to really talk and get to know each other more deeply, even though I have known her since she was four years old. I learned that she looked at Sage college in Troy the night before as her first ever college visit, and she wants to study either engineering, nutrition, or something in the medical field. I love the variety in her choices, because at 16 no one should really know what they want to do with their lives yet!

When we finally reached the waterfall area it seemed at first like we would not be able to get down to the water, but with a little sleuthing Kali found a relatively manageable path down to the shallow edge. I was super impressed with her willingness to get in the water and because of her bravery we made some amazing portraits! Of course, it helped that she is beautiful all on her own and barely needed help posing! I’m really looking forward to seeing where Kali will decide to go to college and supporting her as she grows into an independent young woman.

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