Tyler and his family have been my clients for a few years now, but this session was special because it was just Tyler! He is finally a high school senior and I am so proud of him! Tyler attends Hudson High School and is enrolled in several AP courses, which I highly commend him on. He intends to enroll in Hudson Valley Community College next year while he narrows down his choices for a future career, but he is interested in art and wants to pursue video game design. As a gamer myself, I truly hope that Tyler is able to follow his passion and I look forward to seeing what he will create in the future!

When it came to choosing a location for Tyler’s portrait session, the decision was easy. He and his entire family love the outdoors and camping, so we met at the Wilson M. Powell Wildlife Sanctuary in Old Chatham. I never knew, but there are quite a lot of trails at this location! We had to reschedule the first time, even though Tyler had already gotten all dressed up, because it was pouring rain and thundering when we all arrived! I’m glad we did, because it was much nicer the second try! We had fun with the whole family traipsing through the woods and by the end I could tell that Tyler had warmed up and was having a good time. The last few images that I captured of him are my favorite.

Good luck in your senior year, Tyler!

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