Peebles Island never fails to provide me with a unique portrait setting each time I visit it, and it did not disappoint when I took Kristen and Matt there for their recent engagement session. We traveled down part of a trail I had never visited before and found a beautiful overlook with a view to the river. We saw quite a lot of wildlife – several deer, two snakes, and a cute little frog!

I’ve known Kristen since 7th grade, which makes me feel really old. We chatted a little bit about stupid things we used to do together when we were kids, but not too much because some secrets girls just have to keep to themselves! It’s so nice to see how far we’ve come in this world and how, even after being separated for a long time after high school, the universe can still throw us back together.

Along our walk I asked Kristen and Matt to tell me the story about how they got engaged. They both started laughing, then Kristen let Matt tell it. He had picked up the engagement ring and intended to propose on a mountain, but couldn’t wait and instead just asked her as they were sitting on the couch that very night! This made me laugh, but also showed me just how much in love they are that he couldn’t even wait to ask her to marry him.

Kristen and Matt were not afraid to do anything I asked of them, including sitting on the wet ground, climbing over and under a boat launch, and walking in some questionable mud so we could find the best light. They were easy to work with and I am beyond excited to photograph their wedding this fall!

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