Joely and Tom are seriously the cutest couple ever and I was over the moon excited to shoot the wedding of these friends of mine! They are so sweet and the love they have for each other spreads to all who are near them. The only thing that gets a close second to their love for each other is their love for Tom’s kids, followed by their passion for music, both of which were woven throughout their entire wedding day.

Their ceremony incorporated beautiful piano music. At one point a song was played that started very simply, but built up into something amazing. A little piece began to represent Joely, then some harmony was added to represent Tom. Together those two pieces were lovely, but it got better! More pieces were added one at a time to represent their friends, family, and finally God. Altogether it was just stunning and almost had me in tears. It was a perfect musical representation of their relationship.

Nearing the part of the ceremony where Joely and Tom were about to exchange vows, the sun moved so that it was coming through the skylight of the church and landed perfectly on the altar, illuminating the two who were about to be joined in marriage. Then at the end, when Joely and Tom were having a private moment in the hallway (with me stalking them – sorry!) I overheard Joely say to Tom, “I couldn’t my eyes off of you that whole time,” and I nearly burst. These two are just perfect for each other.

Their reception was nothing short of amazing, either! It was full of unique things that I have never seen before – speeches, songs, slideshows, dances… they even played the video of Tom proposing to Joely! Their guestbook was placed next to a page from Joely’s middle school diary where she wrote, “Tom Miller looked cute today. I like him.” Um… perfect. It was also Tom’s mother’s birthday, so he arranged for a birthday cake to be brought out to her before the mother-son dance, which is so sweet and thoughtful! However, my favorite part was when Joely sang a song to Tom that she wrote just for him (with musical assistance from Jeremy) called “Clark’s Black Glasses“. It was about a girl whose love life needs saving by a super hero, completely full of geeky references (which I love and is one reason we are all friends), and she was ultimately saved by a man with “the key to my heart, Clark’s black glasses, really great hair, and that Superman chin.” I died. ♥

Thank you so much for letting me share in your special day! I am honored and can’t wait to see your love continue to grow and spread to those around you in the years to come!

Ceremony | Prince of Peace Lutheran Church | Clifton Park
Reception | Hilton Garden Inn | Clifton Park
Makeup | Rebecca Sears
Music | Total Entertainment Music | Greg
Flowers | Price Chopper
Cake + Catering | Mazzone Catering
Photography Assistant | Laura McCrossan

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