“I love her and that’s the beginning and end of everything.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald

Because love is the beginning of something new and the end of everything you thought you knew before. It is rare that I am hired for a wedding without meeting the engaged couple beforehand, but it happened that way with Kelly and Matthew. They needed a photographer on short notice and I am so glad that I was available, because I enjoyed every moment of my time spent with these two! I was blown away by how genuinely Kelly and Matt care about not only each other, but everyone else in their lives and even the new people that they have just met (which was clearly shown to me in how many times they tried to get to me eat some food and by making sure I received a piece of their wedding cake).

Their style was absolutely gorgeous, with a white and gold sparkle color palette like none I have ever seen. Kelly somehow found time to make most of the details by hand, herself. And I nearly died when I saw her dress!

But the true theme of the day really was the extreme love that was clear between Kelly and Matt. I wasn’t able to see it until the ceremony, since I had only been with them separately prior to that, but as soon as they saw each other the energy in the room just swelled. Two moments I clearly recall as hitting me. During the ceremony, after lighting the unity candle, Kelly and Matt stood with their backs to their guests. They held hands and looked at each other, and even from far away down the aisle I could see the sparkle of love between them in that moment. They had lit their candle and joined their flames together and they were feeling it. It was just a moment between the two of them, but their love spread in waves. The other moment I keep thinking about was later in the evening during a slow song at the reception. Matt and Kelly were dancing on the edge of the group, completely unaware that I was watching. I noticed Kelly visually scanning all the couples dancing with their beloved partners and she said quietly to Matt, “I love this.” She was soaking in all the love that was around her…

…and I want all my wedding couples to do the same from now on. Take a moment during your reception, look around at all the people who are there, and realize they are in that room because they love you, they love each other, and they want you to be happy! ♥

Venue | Stockade Inn
Hair | Glamtastic | Karen Del Vecchio, Renee McNally
Makeup | Corie Rowe
Cake | Mrs. London’s Bakery
Music | musicians from Gloversville Community Music

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