Shaina and Anthony met while attending college at SUNY New Paltz and their love began the best way it could, with a strong friendship. They grew to know each other and spent a lot of time exploring the trails in the area together. The Huguenot Trail became their favorite, so we traveled there from Albany to capture some intimate moments between the couple. While walking the trail we dodged quite a few mosquitos and some suspicious plants that I suspect were poison ivy (“leaves of three, let it be!”) and Anthony caught a snake! The focus of these images was on naturally showcasing the friendship and love that exists between these two beautiful individuals, the kind of love that strengthens them as a unit.  I especially loved bonding with Shaina over her engagement ring which was custom made for her – an ankh (representing the union of man and woman), a feather (symbol of Ma’at, Egyptian goddess of truth, justice, and wisdom), and their birthstones made of conflict-free stones (similar to my own wedding ring). Despite the sweltering heat of the day and the college graduation ceremony that was happening in town, I felt honored to share some private moments in the woods with Shaina and Anthony and now more than ever I am looking forward to their wedding in July!

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