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I dream about photography. Literally. (I have the dream journal to prove it…)

My two earliest memories of photography are still clear in my mind and both include my father: the first, when he used a telephoto lens to capture the image of a deer in the field behind our house, and I couldn’t believe how close it looked in the picture, almost like I could touch it; the second, watching The Parent Trap (1961) and asking my dad, “How did they do that?” {How did they make it look like there was two of the same person?} His answer… “camera magic.” From that moment on I was instantly obsessed with the idea that cameras were magic.

I still believe that today. When I click the shutter down and capture a child’s expression, I believe that a little magic has happened – I have stopped time! That moment has been saved forever. And with the exceptions of my family, my dog, and yoga, few things in life give me more joy than sharing a little bit of magic with those around me.

This is what I strive to do in all of my photo sessions with clients. Whether you need a professional head shot, portraits of your child, special moments from your wedding day to be captured, or just want a whimsical portrait of your dog, I am more than happy to share a little camera magic with you!

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Kristen Renee Photography, founded in 2011, serves Albany and the surrounding Capital District of New York, including the Adirondacks and Hudson Valley. She has an easy-going, photojournalistic documentary style and creates natural images of her clients that capture the true spirit and emotion of their wedding day. Kristen is a fully licensed and insured business owner.

My Philosophy + Beliefs About Photography
1. I believe it is important to remain unobtrusive on a wedding day whenever possible. The day isn't about me; it's about you!
2. I believe that parents should be included in at least one portrait with their children during every "kids" session. It's important to be visible. When your children look back at photos from their childhood, they will want to see their parents present in those special moments, too!
3. I feel that children should not be made to smile in every portrait if they do not want to smile.
4. I believe that photographs should be tangible and it is important to have printed copies of them, for posterity. I help all my clients to preserve their legacies for future generations by providing them with proof of their images. #preserveyourlegacy
5. I truly believe that every human being is beautiful.

Five Facts About Me
1. I cry if an animal gets hurt in a movie, but not if a person gets hurt.
2. I took my first photograph when I was three years old and my first camera was a Where's Waldo 110 film camera that I got from a Scholastic book order in elementary school.
3. I am a geek and a gamer. I love sci-fi and fantasy. I have too many fandoms to list, but my absolute favorites are Mass Effect, Star Wars, Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Marvel.
4. I taught myself to knit by watching videos on YouTube.
5. I was a public school English teacher (mostly middle school) for 10 years.



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the armstrong family

I think it's safe to say we have officially become friends with Kristen. We were directed to her a couple years ago when we were looking for a wedding photographer. She is very laid back, makes us feel comfortable, shoots us in our natural state, is willing to include everyone in our family (our dogs), and her pictures are amazing! She shot our engagement and wedding sessions. Little did we know she would shoot 4 more sessions since (maternity, newborn, 3 months, and 6 months). Without a doubt whenever we need a photographer Kristen is the one. We look forward to our next session (1 year old).

tess + steve

Kristen and her assistant were great the day of the wedding! She guided me not only in posing for the pictures but throughout the wedding when I wasn't sure what I was suppose to do. She is really great at coordinating with all the vendors and assisting you with anything you need that day. She really makes your day stress free and her photos are beautiful!

petra + derek

Kristen did a fantastic job. She and her assistant Jay handled everything professionally. They were very unobtrusive during all phases of the ceremony and reception and still managed to get great photos. She worked well to provide the service in a way that fit with our needs. We would highly recommend her to anyone.

Joely + Tom

Kristen was absolutely amazing. We used her to do our engagements pictures as well as be the photographer for our wedding and reception. She is organized, flexible, accommodating and most importantly, fun. She made the whole experience fun and stress free. Her shots are simply stunning. She has such a great eye for placing her subjects in just the right place. And she was never once "in the way". I never once noticed her taking pictures, almost like she was invisible. But when I needed her to take a particular shot, she was suddenly there. She is a professional through and through and you can tell how much she loves her work. I would recommend her to all my friends and family, without a doubt.

Kelly + Matthew

Kristen was absolutely amazing, I could not have asked for a better experience. First of all, the pictures came out great. Just stunning. Kristen was extremely professional from the first contact to the last time we saw her, even getting our photos to us on time, as promised. She was very clear and easy to work with, very accommodating. Her package includes an engagement session, but because we had contacted her only a few months before the wedding day we opted to instead use that part of the package for after the wedding day to get our formal shots taken (we got dressed up again and met her at the hotel the wedding took place at). This enabled us to make the formal family shots move along quickly so we could go right in to our reception and dinner. PERFECT.

Her organization really helped the day move along. She was the most non-intrusive photographer I have ever experienced at a wedding, I did not notice her at all during the ceremony or the reception, though from the photos it seemed like she was everywhere getting all the best shots. I have been to weddings where the photographer seems to be right in the middle of everything, and this was not the case with her.

Kristen definitely exceeded all my expectations. I am so happy with the results and would recommend her for any occasion.

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Coverage for 6-8 continuous hours.
Fully edited hi-res digital images.
Password protected online gallery for downloading files and ordering prints.
Engagement session.
Second photographer.


Average session of 45 minutes to 1 hour.
Location of your choice.
Minimum of 25 fully edited hi-res digital images.
Password protected online gallery for downloading files and ordering prints.


All members of the military and their immediate families receive a discount of 10% off their package price and any add-ons that are agreed to at the time of contract.

Repeat clients receive a $25 discount off their session price.

Past clients who refer my services will receive a gift for each new client who books a session or wedding with me - either: $25 off their next session OR $25 off a wall mounted print from a previous session.


All clients receive a special "thank you" gift following their events and sessions!

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